Coca-Cola Amatil wanted the Vonu Pure Lager beer brand to be about more than a refreshing beer – it encapsulates a way of life and living.

With a focus on living free, the brand identity and packaging design needed to appeal to those with a simple love of the ocean, surf, outdoors and exploration.

We designed a new logo that retained the iconic turtle, turning it into a crest with two subtle surfboards as discoverables.

The promise of living free is central to the Vonu brand – “Live Free” is included as a discoverable on pack, only visible on the reverse of the back label once the liquid has been consumed.

The textured wordmark, use of weatherboard, and customised rough graphic style reinforces Fijian craft and island rusticness, to drive a sense of provenance in the brand.

“I have worked with The Creative Method for over ten years. Their outstanding feature is their unrestrained creativity that is category-breaking, yet possible within the confines of production.

“They bring an imaginative perspective to all projects which forces us to think beyond the predictable.”

Sally Byrne, Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Amatil

Vonu Pure Lager

Vonu Pure Lager is a low carb, premium, handcrafted beer that was being marketed as “Pure Fijian rain water turned into beer”.

In a bid to reflect the crisp, refreshing purity of the liquid, Coca-Cola Amatil were moving Vonu from a brown bottle to clear glass and needed a fresh brand identity and beer packaging to support this.

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