With the explosion of lower alcohol and alcohol free beverage options, and born out of the belief that no one should be left out of having a toast with mates, Australian Beer Co. approached us with the concept of a better for you beer range for which they needed a name, brand identity and packaging design.

Following a comprehensive market audit, multiple workshops and naming exercises, “Son of a Nun” was born; a play on the saying “Son of a gun” and the perfect embodiment of a truly guilt-free brew.

The Son of a Nun concept was so well received that zero alcohol and low carb variants were launched.

Our design strategy focused on simplicity and a clean look to hone in on the guilt free aspect of the brand, and to align with the visuals cues of the better for you beverage category, whilst also crafting a distinct persona to capture the essence of the Son of a Nun.

“Quite simply, Tony, Craig and the team from The Creative Method were absolute legends to work with and the thinking that they bought to the table demonstrated that they are at the top of their game. Strategic, nimble, pragmatic, creative, smart, fun… what more can I say about those characters?”

Chris Blockley, Head of Sales, Australian Beer Co.

Son of a Nun

Following the success of P.O.E.T.S Lager and Ranga Tang Hard Ginger Beer, Australian Beer Co. engaged us to create the name, identity and packaging for a better for you beer range.

A miracle was born.

Australian Beer Co.

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