As part of a number of innovation projects we partnered on, Australian Beer Co. wanted to capitalise on the increasing popularity of hard ginger beer in time for the 2022 summer.

The idea originally came from a broad ideation session looking at the ginger beer category and identifying common threads and creative opportunities.

The name Ranga Tang captures the flavour profile of the drink, whilst giving us scope to create a brand full of character and quirk – you’d be hard-pressed to find a ranga that knows more about ginger beer and what hits the spot.

We created multiple versions of the ranga character and finally settled on this fun-loving beast… Who isn’t overly pleased that you are drinking all his beloved ginger beer.

The dark substrate used on the packaging helps the ranga stand out on the pack, whilst the texture adds to the grunginess and attitude of this hard ginger beer.

This solution was a winner from the moment we came up with the name – it almost designed itself!

Ranga Tang

When approached by Australian Beer Co. to name and design a new hard ginger beer, we wanted to create a brand that was memorable and emotive, with packaging that really stood out in the fridge.

Australian Beer Co.

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