Our brief from Australian Beer Co. was this:

Give us a new beer brand we can make and market in the country, with a view to scale at a later date.

Launch locally and build from there.

Be born as a beer by the country, for the country, but recognise an ambition to possibly ‘rock up in the big smoke’ later in life.

We wanted to create a name that was intelligently disruptive in the beer category; memorable but with a sense of the easygoing country personality.

On the surface the name POETS doesn’t seem to relate. The discoverable acronym of this name is where the magic, the humour and the emotional connection lie. Look it up!

Through a comprehensive beer category audit and deconstruction, we knew that we needed to create an ownable country mascot that reflected the brand positioning and personality.

There are few things more country Australia than a laughing kookaburra.

None of the big beer players in the market owned red and we wanted our primary, secondary and tertiary packaging to stand out like the proverbial dog’s balls.

A part of our job was to envisage how the brand would come to life outside of the packaging across multiple comms and touch-points.

Consistency, stand-out and a smidge of ready wit to refresh the soul was the order of the day.

POETS Country Lager

We were challenged by Australian Beer Co. to create a new beer brand that would stir-up the big boys and take market share off Australia’s largest selling beer, Great Northern, and Furphy.

Oh, is that all?

Australian Beer Co.

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