Paratus Clinical

Paratus Clinical is unique to the Australian market in the pharmaceutical clinical trials arena. Paratus Clinical are the only company to offer both contract research and site management as a single enterprise. Its this unique combination that formed the basis for the identity.

Paratus Clinical wanted an identity that would define them as forward thinking but also one that would convey the trust and security needed for a company within their heavily regulated industry.

We looked to find a solution that found the sweet spot between science and there unique offering as a business.

Organic cell like structures intersect and loosely create the initials of the business in a progressive colour palette. The outcome is an identity that references pharmaceutical science and Paratus Clinical’s USP elegantly.

1 ParatusClinical_logo_885x499

2_ParatusClinical_BusinessCard_885x499_alt 3_alt ParatusClinical_shapes_885x499 4_PARATUS_LAND_WEBSITE_885x449 5_PARATUS_WEBSITE_885x1013

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