Over the moon dairy co.

We looked to give the Over the Moon dairy Co. immediate personality and attitude, breaking out from the historical approaches of the competition.

We were initially approached by this New Zealand startup artisan cheese company, to develop a brand name and identity that reflected both the craft and love they had for traditional cheese making and cheese itself. 
The name and the identity needed to work in the target outlets of independent delicatessens, amongst the many traditional European brands, as well as work for their own boutique cheese store. They wanted to be above all else friendly, modern, yet crafted. The target audience was anyone interested in purchasing boutique cheese.

The final result had personality, with craft and a contemporary edge reflected in the final hand drawn solution. The letterhead was designed with a hand written ‘Hey diddle diddle’ nursery rhyme on the back. It gave an immediate warmth and re-enforced the nurturing, caring nature their cheese making process and the quality of the final product.

Awards: (Int'l) Identity Best of the Best 2010 - Winner of Food Category


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The original rhyme was altered with some witty interjections to reflect the grass roots humour of country NZ and applied to staff uniforms. This further added to the approachable and human brand tone of voice they wished to project.

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