Mama’s Buoi

In the Mama's Buoi Vietnamese restaurant identity we explore memories and look to forge emotional connections with their customers.

Mamas Buoi is Vietnamese casual dining concept. Initally launching in 3 locations within the first year, 2 in Sydney and 1 in Melbourne.  The restaurant founder Bao Hoang asked The Creative Method to create a contemporary identity that was a reflection of his family’s vietnamese heritage and in particular an identity to honour his mother, who is the true inspiration (creator) for virtually every dish on the menu. The name of the restaurant ‘Mama’s Buoi’ was reached after numerous workshops and ultimately from many more family meetings.

Working closely with the Hoang Family we were treated to insight into their personal history’s. Given access to the family home, told many personal stories and anecdotes, how they came to Australia as refugees, what they did back in Vietnam, jobs Mama & Papa Hoang did to provide for their young family and handed nearly every photo and photo album since the late 70’s to draw inspiration from. We looked to create an animated identity that reflected these unique memories and moments. Memories held within the mind (head) of the self confessed Mama’s Boy – Bao Hoang.

Credits: Original photography by Mama, Papa Hoang and Hoang Family






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