First launched in 1976, Chicken Treat had become tired and dated. Stores were closing, sales were in decline and franchising had stalled; it was at risk of being deleted from the Craveable Brands portfolio. 

The brand lacked a unique, ownable identity and articulated purpose.

To reinvigorate the brand, we developed a number of strategic platforms and finally landed on the ‘Chicken Heroes’, which was anchored in the 1970s comic book style – a nod to the era Chicken Treat was born.

This platform brought the fun, unique and bold personality of the brand to the forefront of all its touchpoints.

Through tone of voice, storytelling, and a number of onomatopoeic comic book fight scene references, the new look and feel instantly conveys the feeling you get when eating Chicken Treat.

The new brand helped increase sales by 46% and went on to win Best Brand Transformation of the Year at the 2020 QSR Media Awards.

It also enabled Chicken Treat to launch into NSW and ACT as a serious chicken option. 


“Together with The Creative Method, we set about rediscovering who we are, what makes us different, and what we want to stand for as a brand.

“They helped define our purpose: Saving hungry souls and delivering happiness through unapologetically indulgent and delicious chicken.

“We’re thrilled with their work on the Chicken Treat brand repositioning which also contributed to Chicken Treat winning the QSR Media Award for ‘Best Brand Transformation’ in 2020.”

David Harrison, Head of Marketing, Chicken Treat

Chicken Treat

Chicken Treat has been giving Australian tastebuds a smack in the kisser since 1976.

The brand had a huge following in Western Australia thanks to the likes of Australian legends Heath Ledger and Ricky Grace appearing in their advertising campaigns but lost its way over the decades and quickly became dated as more chicken brands entered the market.

Chicken Treat

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