We kicked off the project with a full market analysis to map out competitors and find areas of opportunity, along with rethinking and redefining the brand strategy.

As strategy was a crucial part of this project, we conducted a two day global workshop, bringing together multiple stakeholders across 65 countries to align on the new direction before finally delving into the brand design and creative approach.

Through research and testing it was discovered that Chatime didn’t need or want a massive overhaul – the current mark just required a facelift.

With that in mind, we gave the letterforms a shared baseline, cap height and weight, simultaneously increasing legibility and modernising the word mark.

The updated logo ensures brand recognition while the rest of the visual identity shows off Chatime’s fun and flavourful personality.

The visual language isn’t tied to a certain aesthetic, deliberately done to allow different markets the flexibility to create a look and feel that speaks to their respective demographic.

A consolidated set of strategic and brand guidelines acts as a creative springboard to bring the brand revitalisation to life consistently across all global markets.

“What started as a local brief quickly became a global brand refresh. Tony and the team at The Creative Method were able to adapt to the change in needs and deliver a clear brand strategy and creative direction.

“From the outset we knew we were working with true partners who were passionate about our business and finding the best way to connect with our consumers all over the world.

“They challenged us to think differently and bring energy back into the Chatime brand from all aspects from brand strategy, visual identity, menu design, packaging and more.”

Carlos Antonius, CEO, Chatime Global


Working with Chatime Australia to revitalise their brand locally quickly turned into a full global brand review and refresh to ensure a unified approach and brand consistency across all markets – a strategic imperative for future global success.


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