The Suntory team has been honing their coffee craft in pursuit of the best quality RTD coffee since 1992. 

BOSS Coffee uses the traditional Japanese flash-brew method, finely ground coffee beans are brewed hot to release the rich aroma, then the coffee is quickly cooled to lock in the flavour.

When launching the brand into Australia and New Zealand, our first step was to refresh the iconic logo which featured a man smoking a pipe.

The pipe had to be removed to suit the local market but some personality and intrigue was lost. We created multiple variations until we landed on the one that carried just the right amount of emotion and connection. 

Numerous BOSS Coffee flavours and formats have been developed over the past 30 years. We created a design structure and brand architecture that worked across multiple SKUs and communicated different flavours and variants without losing equity.  

It was important to Suntory that the pack communicated that BOSS Coffee is from Japan. After several variations this was solved by adding a “No. 1 canned coffee in Japan” statement on the front of the can.

Boss Coffee

First launched in Japan in 1992, Suntory BOSS Coffee is Japan’s best selling coffee in a can.  

Our challenge from Suntory was to redesign and introduce the coffee brand into the Australian and New Zealand markets.


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