Bondi Road

Bondi Road looks to reframe the wine spritzer in a quickly fragmenting category where authenticity and craft are paramount.

The brief was to originally create a spritzer for the US market but it quickly became apparent that the offer was suited to a much broader global market. We needed to create a bold and contemporary brand that was iconic and trustworthy. It needed to appeal to the younger consumer that was looking for a drink with more authenticity than traditional RTDs.

The name came off the back of the need to tell a story and drive an emotional link. It initially was chosen for its strong comprehension in the US. The design Itself actually came from a team ideation session in the pub where the idea of a beach towel was suggested by an account manager. The simple graphic nature of beach towels provided us with the perfect platform for execution. Each different label has a different colour and line frequency.

Both the packaging and liquid returned the best consumer test results seen in 20 years of research. We look forward to that success being reflected in sales and the creation of a new drink category.

Credits: Photography by Stephen Clarke

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