The name pays homage to the six head of cattle first introduced to Australia by the First Fleet – that went rogue when their minder slipped off for lunch. 

The cows – having multiplied substantially – were found several years later roaming the Western Plains of Sydney.

The logo is a simple modified Gill Sans, with the A turned upside down to reflect both a cow and Australia being Down Under.

The ‘A’ has also been offset to reflect the story of the cattle escape.

“Storytelling is at the heart of all brands that endure, and The Creative Method nailed it with 6 Head.

“By digging deep into the history books, we ended up with a story and name that was unique, paid homage to the location, and our expertise in steak.

“The design then complements the story perfectly, giving us a brand look and feel that we are truly proud of.”

David Ovens, Chief Marketing Officer, Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group

6 Head

As a pioneer in ‘pasture to plate’ dining in Australia, Bradley Michael has developed close relationships with the finest beef cattle producers in Australia. In his newest and most prestigious venue, he champions their efforts with arguably the best-bred beef in the world, paired with outstanding local produce and a carefully selected wine cellar to match – all served overlooking the Sydney Opera House.

Having partnered on several brands in the past, Bradley approached The Creative Method to develop a name and brand identity that carved a space for his restaurant in Sydney’s fine dining arena.

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